The State of HR in International Humanitarian and Development Organisations 2013

This report urges people to plan now for the future. The paper looks at human resources challenges in the humanitarian and development sector over the last 12 months.

The report focuses on the changing landscape in recessionary times and how this climate of uncertainty presents challenges to the sector.

“HR’s list of problems to solve, issues to improve on and priorities to set is just getting longer. Whether strategic or transactional, they are all in their way critical to the overall operational excellence of any INGO. By recognising, questioning and engaging with the challenges, however, we can make a conscious effort to improve HR, it is possible to foster positive change.”

Introducing the State of HR 2013, People In Aid Executive Director Jonathan Potter explained the need for the report: “If you work in the humanitarian and development sector, you need to read this paper. We have made it short and easy to read so that everyone can benefit from the insights into the current trends in HR and people management. The report encourages you to think about what might be needed to transform and prepare your organisation for what lies around the corner.”

Find the complete report here.

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