Newsletter #25: Here’s Johnny!

Hey everyone, I know it´s been too long. I move to a new country and had to deal with all the issues that entails, such as finding an apartment, finding decent Internet providers (even though they took two weeks to install our cable) and settling in in general.


I’m alive and well! And now, I’m settled enough to be able to restart the posts of the newsletter and keep on with my love projects such as this! I’m starting to write to Shameless magazine and trying to keep up with all my other writing assignments and general blogs and publications.


On a note to everyone writing about one-on-one consultancies, those I really won’t be able to start back by the end of this year. I’m really sorry, but I can’t really commit to any more projects.


A day in the life…


So, this will be a different newsletter because I will be guiding through my first hand experience with the YPP programme. I have applied and I was selected. I have talked a lot of the YPP programme in my posts and this is truly my first experience with it. Plus, I only know one other person who has been through this stage of the test. Essentially, I will be with you through the stages of the process, at least, so far and how am I preparing for the next steps.


Application process:


I applied to the YPP in June this year… And receive the confirmation letter this week. So for all of you who are just getting acquainted with United Nations processes times… It does takes ridiculously long. Don’t get discouraged.


The next step is the written examination, which will take place in December. I’m taking a look at the studying materials, but being perfectly honest with you guys, I REALLY won’t have the time to study for this, so I will share my very restrictive study plan/study materials.


I’m doing the test for Human Rights, so there is a lot of legal background on how UN treaties and covenants are internalised by countries and the legal Human Rights framework created by the UN and other international bodies.


I will have to say, Facebook groups dedicated to studying for the test have been helpful, even if it is pointing out in the general direction of where you can find the most appropriate information. Also, the UN page on the YPP has tons of materials on the process, except for the Human Rights group… That’s a little short on the materials.


After the exam, there is the examination with the competency-based interview. It will be really interesting to report to you a little bit more information on this process that for me is also very new.


Also, I have to tell you, I hold NO expectations to the YPP process whatsoever. Not because of a credibility issue, just for the fact that by the time there is an answer, you still can be put on the roster and it can take two years before you are “drafted”… So, I wouldn’t put all my hopes into this one process.


This is the first week and the first week back, it may be more general information, but I did want to tell you more of what will be coming next… Next edition would be about being an experimental digital nomad. Hope you enjoy!


Until then,


Good luck in your search!




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