Change is on its way!

As you may or may not know, I wrote my first book “Doing What You Love!” and with that came a lot of learning. First, I decided to publish the book by myself, very independently and with a lot of self-financing. It was completely worth it having the freedom to launch your own product, but it was also absolutely terrifying.  I had to own up any and every criticism. This was mine – start to finish, so there was nowhere to duck or cover.

The newsletter already existed before the book launch, and you can catch some editions here, here and here. But also subscribe.  I don’t post them a lot in the page itself, because I feel like I’m cheating the guys that wait every Monday for a new edition. So, they get privileges for being loyal.

Now, I’m working on the Facebook page and twitter. I know that I need different voices and formats for different communities with different styles and that comes with building the community itself. Facebook can become a self-moderated community with time, whereas twitter is a quicker megaphone, but doesn’t allow giving up that much ownership.

Step by step, I’m creating this community and interaction with people and it is really rewarding. So, I hope to see you around and I hope you are enjoying the changes!

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